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How young people join Fénix

The procedure for entering the Fénix group has several stages:

  1. The first contact preferably is made before, or soon after, starting the transition into adulthood and independent living, either directly by the young person, or by a member of a professional care team.
  2. The candidate arranges to provide a summary of her case history, an evaluation by a social worker or psychologist if relevant, and her most recent school marks or teacher’s evaluation.
  3. She is asked to provide a brief self-description (who I am, my family, what has happened to me, how I got to where I am) and an outline of her plans for the future (long-term goals, immediate targets, how I plan to achieve them, and my resources or lack of them) to show her level of ability to recognize and describe the reality of present situation, risks, potential and needs.
  4. The Fénix members make an initial evaluation of these documents, and may ask for more information. One of Fénix’ psychologists carries out an in depth interview and if there is a positive report the first peer interview is made by a member or members of the board. If living with a family member there is a home visit and relatives may be asked about support they can provide. Once approved, she is invited to a meeting to welcome her in and begin her integration, assigning her a mentor (and if needed a psychologist). The group begins to work with her on her plans for the future, professional options and higher education, and she begins to join in the training workshops, classes and other activities and responsibilities of Fénix.

Fénix can only support young people who 1) have the capacity for higher education in social, human and health sciences, teaching, administration or a related profession;  2) show leadership abilities and the intention to support other vulnerable young people;  3) are prepared for active participation in Fénix and in its administrative work, training and, eventually, in mentoring other young people; 4) understand that support is provided on a semester by semester basis and depends on providing complete accounting for expenditure in the previous period and a budget for the next, above average marks, no classes missed without due reason, and to have taken part in the meetings, activities, workshops and tasks of Fénix, complying with the group’s norms and ethics.

This is to ensure the education of excellent, responsible future professionals, who are able to lead processes and programmes, to integrate knowledge and experiences from their own lives for the benefit of other young people, and to be able to showFénix’ sponsors how their support is put to good use.