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Rights and duties of members of Fénix

To be able to fulfill the needs of the members, to make good use of the available resources, for efficient administration of the foundation and for the sake of responsibility and clarity with stakeholders, members of the foundation sign an agreement on  their rights and duties.

Fénix’ support is provided on a six-monthly basis and to receive it the member will provide:

1)    A detailed, complete and fully explained budget for the next semester, including when possible copies of the accounts for fees, the cost of texts, notebooks, equipment or materials that may be required.

It is the member’s responsibility to investigate costs and obtain estimates, and they must be approved by the directors. Later additions may be made for unforeseen costs or emergencies, subject to approval by the board;

2)  A copy of grades for the previous semester, showing the member has achieved the average agreed on, a certification that there have were no unjustified absences from classes, and a certification that the student has fulfilled any other school or university requirements for internships, work as a scholarship condition or other obligations;

3)  Complete accounting for subsidies received from the foundation he previous semester;

In order to avoid interrupting education because of pregnancy and child-care, before any support is provided, each member should arrange a family planning appointment. Fénix can offer guidance towards the most suitable attention.

Fénix will make whatever checks are needed to establish the level of financial support that may be needed and will seek scholarships, grants and discounts, and when feasible will help to obtain part time work.

Fénix will pay fees directly and will obtain agreed on texts and materials or provide the member with the funds needed for their purchase.

Students are responsible for providing six monthly reports, including their grades to ‘godparents’ and sponsors. The directors are responsible for providing accounts and general information on the progress of the foundation, new members, agreements, projects etc.

Members are entitled to the advice, counselling and support of the foundation and individual mentors, according to their needs. It is the duty of the foundation to ensure the support needed by members to solve problems that may occur, including those in such areas as relationship problems, time-management, stress, or access to health services and other rights.

Members have the right to participate in the meetings, decisions and activities of the foundation and have a duty to participate in them, to carry out any agreed on tasks to help run the foundation and to offer the mentoring and guidance that may be needed by other members.

The founders, directors, members and all who participate in any Fénix activity or receive any support do so in accordance with the foundation’s statutes and code of ethics.