Andrew Oldham

Amongst the people who share the Fénix commitment to investing in the training and education of young professionals who can help shape a better future are Esther Farfan and Andrew Loog Oldham. Since even before Fénix was registered as an NGO Esther and Andrew have contributed regularly to education costs.

They have been kind and thoughtful 'godparents' to one of Fénix' students, every month helping with her bus fares and living expenses, right through her long career in Medicine.

Esther is a well-known Colombian actress.

Andrew is otherwise known as a rock hero since the 1960s when he managed the Rolling Stones, as a music producer, a historian and analyst of pop music culture and as an author ("Stoned", "2Stoned", "On Hustling"). He also rescues injured dogs he finds on the street.

To hear Andrew and the best of half a century of pop and rock you can find examples of his FM radio show on: