The academic careers of members depend entirely on sponsors who share the Fénix committment to education as a key to change. We have no funding from governments or official bodies and find that grant-makers usually shy away from education.

   As members achieve high grades and progress though their courses towards their degrees Fénix can begin to show that we are achieving tangible results.

   Results are infectious:  as 'godparents' see their protegées close to graduation they say how proud they are to friends, who in turn ask about sponsoring a girl through university.

   We want to say how sincely grateful we are to so many friends, Mireya Ahl, Titus and Ingrid Moser, Lucy Norbury and Heidi Riesen, whose very kind contributions ensure that Zarina's costs were covered until she graduated in 2013, Douglas Farah and Kate Seal, who are putting Disney through a five year Social Woirk degree

   Old friends Esther & Andrew Oldham, Renée Soulodre-LaFrance, Tova Solo, Rudi Hommes, Quil Lawrence, Alan Riding, Regina Yando, Martha Martinez, Camille Marquand, Malcolm Deas, Alison Wood, David Lloyd, Konrad Matter deserve our heartfelt thanks for their loyal and untiring support.

  We also want to say much we appreciate the hard work of the directors of 'Children of Colombia' in the UK, the great efforts made by Marion Dew and the directors of the ABCC in Bogotá to raise funds and the important corporate support of GlaxoSmithKline.



Many others donate time, teaching and textbooks -- like Nick Perkins who keeps this web-page running, Faye, Charlotte, Bryce, Ezana, Megan and the other volunteer teachers who take the English classes, and all the friends and friends of friends who arrive with clothes, bedding, kitchen-ware and furniture to help young people who have little to make a start in independent living.


Our thanks to all of you.